The integration of several processes in one machine

The robotics system is perfect for the boat industry, aviation and rail. It’s designed to integrate into a single machine multiple working phases. 
Processes: milling, cutting, trimming, deburring, grinding, sanding, resin, painting, glueing, surface finishing 
Materials: Aluminum, polystyrene, epoxy resins and polyurethanes, wood, carbon, kevlar and other composites materials.

Accessories and Optional

  • Automatic tool changing from 5 to 30 different positions
  • Automatic tools measurement/check system
  • Probe radio wave for automatic measurement of the zero reference system and for reverse engineering
  • Laser scanner for surfaces analysis, measurement and correction
  • Automatic tool change to avoid an easy multi-process system utilization
  • Dispensing machine of epoxy / polyurethane materials directly controlled and managed by the robot