Reducing Robot programming time


RED Technologies design and build innovative industrial machines, where industrial robots, characterized by high reliability and flexibility, are used for various production processes, such as:

  • milling marble, wood, polystyrene, resins and other modeling materials
  • cutting and deburring steel, cast iron, aluminum, plastics and composites
  • sanding
  • cleaning and finishing of metals surfaces

Offline programming with EUREKA

The robot is programmable as a CNC machine. Starting from a CAD / CAM software application, for 3D piece modeling and for the generation of working tool path. Then with Eureka offline application it could be done the simulation working directly with a virtual environment that reproduce your real machine layout. After simulation the working program in the specific robot language will be generated.

Customized user interface

The robot is equipped with a user interface application for each specific process. The interface allows you to manage and monitor the machine during the entire production cycle.

Configurability for every customer need

Per ogni robot sono disponibili varie configurazioni hardware per l’ottimizzazione dell’area di lavoro e varie tipologie di utensili per un utilizzo multi processo del sistema.
For each robot are available various hardware configurations for the optimization of the working area, and different tools. That’s a multi-process system.