Reduction of programming time


Nowadays the robot offline programming, is a fundamental prerogative, In order to optimize the use of the machine designed for the production process .

Through the offline programming the robotic cell is not programmed with the standard method of teaching but using a software application resident on a standard PC.

The robotic cell is therefore not subject to downtime due to programming.
The offline software applications that we develop are of different nature and complexity :

  • Ad hoc , applications developed on the basis of individual needs and then technical specifications given by the customer.
  • General purpose , robot programming based on CAD / CAM systems. The robot is used in the same way as a CNC machine. The robot toolpath, generated by the CAM system, is then imported into a simulation environment , which faithfully reproduces the working robotic cell, to verify its correctness and to generate the working program in the specific robot language.
  • Technology Packages , hardware / software systems for solving process problems that require know-how and experience.